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Welcome to Tactical Conflict Solutions

Tactical Conflict Solutions (TCS) is one of Australia's leading providers of training to the health and private sectors. As one of the first Training Organisations in Australia to embrace Reality Based Training (force-on-force combat simulations), TCS is an innovator in its field. We provide non-accredited training in areas including self-defence techniques, hospital bed restraints, floor restraints, travel awareness and security, riot control, cell extraction and prisoner escort and electronic incapacitation devices.

Our clients comprise the local security industry, government agencies and international private sector organisations employing personnel whose jobs can sometimes place them at risk.

Our instructors have significant experience gained as private security contractors working in Iraq and other military theatres as members of police or military Special Forces.

Managed by a team with the highest levels of combative defence qualifications and in-field experience with an understanding of corporate priorities, TCS delivers professional training for high risk situations.